“IRIDIUM” (“a hard, dense silvery-white metal.”)

IRIDIUM is a Microbrand Watch Startup based in Singapore under the AUDRIC Brand. IRIDIUM was founded on the lines of Affordability meets practicality concept. We started with a series of drawings and sketches that were so good that we had to bring it to life. It was a journey which was hard to embark on especially when life and careers already moving in a set direction. Took heart and finally realized of creating a true adventure focused horology venture.



The call to adventure is one that cannot be resisted, not even by the strongest of men.

The need to feel enmeshed with nature is a primal one, and those that dare to seek out these experiences carry in them the true spirit of an adventurer. What do you do when time feels like its running out? Do you know what it means to race against time? Time – that elusive ruffian who holds us all in his mischievous grasp. There is but one way to contain him, and it is within the confines of that circular instrument that measure his every step.

It is in this quest to understand time, to uncover the sophisticated mechanisms that make tick, and in response to the call to adventure that the brand IRIDIUM Watches was born- Watches that are crafted to look stylish and sophisticated, that would reflect the spirit of adventure its owner carried.

IRIDIUM Watches embody luxury but they aren’t just eye-candy, although their stunning bright colors will make you stand out in a crowd. They are built to withstand the very fury of nature, their workhorse movements are consistent and reliable as the rising and setting sun. At IRIDIUM, we know that investing in a timepiece is one of the grader adventures you’ll take on and we assure you- this is one venture you won’t regret embarking on.